How Professional IT Support Can Help Your Remote Business

In many ways, remote working is part of the new normal in business. Though many businesses have reinstated their offices, the acceptance of remote working remains. As IT is integral to remote working, many businesses are now working with professional IT companies to ensure that their remote working arrangements are optimized. We spoke with one IT support company in London, who described some of the key ways that professional IT support services can support remote working within an organisation.

  • Better Remote Support

It goes without saying that a company whose core business model is centred around providing IT support will be hard to be in terms of the quality of service, knowledge and expertise, and the resources at their disposal.

Some businesses may be able to get by relying on their in-house IT team to support any remote employees they have. However, there may be times when that in-house team are too stretched to manage everything at once. The provider we spoke to, for example, has provided small business IT support for London businesses operating remotely; and in many of these scenarios, their clients had their own in-house IT staff – the in-house and outsourced staff worked together to cover all support needs in the business.

  • WFH Security

Professional IT support providers can also help businesses ensure that their cybersecurity is fit for remote work. If a business’ IT infrastructure has been designed and built with on-premise work in mind, it definitely will not be suitable for remote working – it may even present a significant security risk to the organisation. According to the provider we spoke to, professional IT support can help improve businesses’ WFH security in a number of ways:

  • Secure VPN Connections – This adds a layer of protection to remote worker’s internet connection.
  • Standardised Antivirus – Businesses should provide all users with an approved antivirus solution for their devices.
  • Device and Application Management – Businesses can manage company data and apps on non-company devices.
  • Solutions for Remote Workers

Another way in which IT support providers help businesses operate remotely in the most optimal way is by providing them with IT solutions for their remote workforce. The advantage of sourcing IT solutions through a provider is that IT companies have partnerships with hardware and software vendors. They can provision businesses with computers, mobile devices, headsets, and many other common IT consumables. They may also be able to help businesses with software licensing, for solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, or Azure (a cloud-based platform that is frequently used to enable remote and hybrid work).

  • Cost Optimization

The cost of IT for businesses can sometimes feel overwhelming – particularly as it becomes increasingly important for organisations to have the latest IT solutions to keep at pace with the market competition. However, an IT provider can actually help businesses optimize their IT costs. For instance, they help avoid costly downtime, and can even enable businesses claim tax relief as an operational expense. Larger scale projects, such as cloud migrations, may incur significant short-term investment; but in the long run, it can also help businesses save a lot of money.


So, should all remote businesses be working with professional IT support providers? In most cases, there will definitely be a significant benefit to partnering with one. The company we spoke with has provided IT support in Guildford, London, and many other parts of the UK. Their work has consistently been cited among their clients as a major driver for remote working success.

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