Fantasy-Themed Slots

Fantasy is one of the most popular genres right now. Thanks to television shows like Game of Thrones, The Witcher, etc., book series like Harry Potter, and video games like God of War, the fantasy genre has genuinely soared in the 21st century. So, somewhat understandably, the iGaming industry has jumped on the bandwagon.

Fantasy is one of the most popular themes in online slots. And for a good reason. The genre perfectly lends itself to imaginative imagery and gorgeous music. And online slots thrive on these things. If you want to know where to play online slot machines, check out the linked websites. To help you choose, we will look at ten fantasy-themed slots that you might come across on these sites.

Rags to Witches

Rags to Witches takes all the classic tropes we associate with the witch and mashes them together in a fantastic, high-stake slot. With a maximum bet of $120 and a maximum prize of 3355 per bet line, the game is sure to satisfy the urges of any high-risk/high-reward gambler. And with excellent visuals and music, it will undoubtedly keep players’ attention.

Sherlock and the Mystic Compass

Sherlock Holmes has captured the hearts of fans for over a hundred years. The character is just as iconic as Harry Potter or Gandalf, if not more so. So, it is no surprise that many slots have been made depicting the famous detective. The Mystic Compass injects a bit of mysticism and fantasy into the story, creating a game that is bound to entertain any fan of the world’s greatest detective.


Betsoft is one of the best slot game developers today, and their 2022 slot, Woodlanders, is excellent for newbies and seasoned gamblers. Inspired by stories of fairies, pixies, or other woodland creatures, the game comes with a $0.25 minimum bet, which is excellent for newcomers. Seasoned gamblers will also be treated to a $50 maximum bet, which they can use to win x3794 per real.

Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon

The Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon slot was developed by Rival Gaming in 2022. We can’t recommend this one to high-stake gamblers or anyone looking for exciting, adrenaline-pumping action. However, newbies will have a lot of fun with this low-volatility slot. A minimum bet of $0.25 will ensure a slow, low-stake start. 

Genie’s Riches

We’ve all thought about what we would wish for if we found Aladdin’s lamp. Players of Genie’s Riches might wish to know how to win at slot games. With five reels and 50 pay lines, the game may seem simple. However, thanks to the high volatility, we can only recommend this game to seasoned gamblers who are used to taking a few losses. However, if you play, the helpful genie will provide free spins, wild symbols, and multiplier bonuses.

Take Olympus

Another of Betsoft’s masterpieces, Take Olympus, is one of many mythology-inspired slots. An average RTP, low volatility, and shallow minimum and maximum bet options make Take Olympus one of the best low-stake/beginner-friendly slots. So, if you are new to the world of iGaming, this is where you will want to start.

Rise of the Titans

Sticking to the mythological theme, Rise of the Titans is Dragon Gaming’s 2021 release. Depicting the war between the Olympians and the Titans, this excellent slot pulls players in with excellent visuals, music, and gameplay. It is worth checking out if you are a myth or fantasy fan.

Golden Dragon Inferno

There is no more iconic fantasy creature than the Dragon. All human cultures have made up some version of the serpentine beast. While in Europe, the Dragon was a symbol of terror, in China, it brought fortune. Such is the case for the Golden Dragon Inferno slot, where players can win up to $400.000. Excellent for seasoned and inexperienced gamblers, Betsoft’s 2022 slot is a great choice.

The Dragon Seal

We discussed the notion of Asian dragons as harbingers of fortune. So, let us look at European dragons and their association with destruction. In Dragon Seal, the player slays a dragon terrorizing the land. To do so, they must overcome a game of slots and break the dragon’s seal. Flupluck’s 2021 release may not be the best slot on this list, but it is worth checking out if you are a fan of dragons and knights.

Game of Kings

If you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to be a king, the Game of Kings slot is what you are looking for. There are 25 different ways to win the prize in this 5×3 slot. Game of Kings will appeal to high-stake players with its $250 maximum bet and newbies with a relatively low minimum bet. On top of that, the grand prize is 8000 times per winning pay line. Indeed, a king’s bounty.

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