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Ed Sheeran has always been known for his heartfelt and endearing lyrics; this time, he takes it up a notch. His new single, “Perfect,” is a poignant love ballad about the uncertainty of a new relationship. The song reflects the anxiety and joy of falling in love and all the little moments that make it unique.

Analysis of the Song

Ed Sheeran’s new single, “Lovestruck Jitters,” is a sweet and uplifting track that captures the nervous excitement of new love. The song begins with a light acoustic guitar and Ed’s distinctive voice singing about being in a new, uncertain relationship. He expresses the joys of being in love and the trepidation that comes with it. The chorus has an infectious melody with a light and airy tone that captures the feeling of being in love. 

The lyrics are simple yet effective, as Ed expresses his feelings of being in love and the fear of not knowing where it will go. The song ends with a hopeful message that, no matter what happens, he will always love the person he is with. With its upbeat tempo and sweet lyrics, “Lovestruck Jitters” is a perfect reminder to never take love for granted

The Story Behind the Song

Ed Sheeran has released a new single titled “Perfect” that perfectly captures the feelings of a lovestruck individual. Sheeran wrote and produced by Benny Blanco; the song details the overwhelming emotions of falling in love. The lyrics explain how the person feels “nervous” and “scared” when they’re together, yet they know that they “just can’t bear to be without you.” The chorus sums it up perfectly, with Sheeran singing, “Cause we were just kids when we fell in love/ Not knowing what it was/ I will not give you up this time.”

The song’s production perfectly matches the message, as it is a soft and mellow instrumental paired with Sheeran’s comforting vocals. The song is a sweet and sentimental tune that puts a modern spin on the classic love song. It will surely be a hit with young people in the throes of a new relationship, as it resonates with their emotions.

Overall, “Perfect” is a classic love song that perfectly captures the lovestruck jitters of a new relationship. With a catchy tune and thoughtful lyrics, the song will surely be an anthem for young people in love. Whether it’s a first love or a rekindled flame, “Perfect” is sure to tug at the heartstrings of many listeners.

Sheeran’s Career Growth

Ed Sheeran has come a long way since his debut in 2011. He has a string of chart-topping albums and singles to his name, and now he’s back with another sweet single, “Perfect.” The song showcases Sheeran’s trademark acoustic sound and details the jitters of being in love. 

The song is a perfect example of Sheeran’s growth as an artist, from his early days as a singer/songwriter to his current status as one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Sheeran has always been an adept storyteller; “Perfect” is a beautiful testament. The song’s gentle acoustic guitar, subtle percussion, and soft vocal delivery depict a tender and fragile romance. It’s a song that will stay with listeners long after they’ve heard it. Sheeran’s career growth is evident in this single as he continues pushing modern pop music’s boundaries. He has become an incredibly versatile artist, and this song is a testament to that.

How the Single Reflects His Craftsmanship

Ed Sheeran has a knack for crafting honest, heartfelt songs that capture all the nuances of love. His new single, “Perfect,” is no exception. The song details the lovestruck jitters of a couple in the early stages of love. From the opening line, Sheeran pulls the listener in with the lyrics: “I found a love for me/Oh darling, just dive right in and follow my lead.” He paints a vivid picture of a couple in the honeymoon phase of a relationship full of excitement and anticipation.

The lyrics of “Perfect” are simple and direct, yet they express a deep emotion. Sheeran’s craftsmanship shines through in capturing young love’s excitement and vulnerability. His lyrics are poetic and evocative, allowing the listener to feel the emotion in the song. The chorus is lovely, as Sheeran sings: “Well, I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know/She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home/I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets/To carry love, to carry children of our own.”

A gentle, lilting acoustic guitar and a light drumbeat back the track. The melody is simple and sweet, and the arrangement is just right, showcasing Sheeran’s skill as a musician. The song is a testament to his ability to capture the essence of love in a single song.

Sheeran has crafted a sweet and sentimental song that perfectly captures the anxieties and joys of young love. “Perfect” is a perfect example of Sheeran’s craftsmanship and is sure to become a classic love song.

Lyrical Artistry

The lyrical artistry of Ed Sheeran in his new single, “Perfect,” is truly remarkable. The song is an intimate and thoughtful exploration of the emotions of being in love. Sheeran paints a vivid picture of the lovestruck jitters as his character moves from nervousness to excitement. He sings of the perfect moment of connection between two people and the joy and anticipation it brings. 

The chorus is a beautiful declaration of love and commitment, and the lyrics are filled with clever wordplay and metaphors. Sheeran’s poetic style creates a vivid and honest portrait of the emotions of being in love, and it’s easy to relate to his characters’ experiences. With this song, Ed Sheeran has once again proven himself to be a master of lyrical artistry.  

Reception of the Single

Ed Sheeran’s new single, “Put It All On Me,” has been met with much fan anticipation and approval. The track details the lovestruck jitters that come with being in a budding relationship. With a soulful beat and sweet lyrics, the song will surely be a hit, as it captures the emotions of being in love with someone and the uncertainty that comes with it. Sheeran’s signature vocals are powerful, and the song’s production is captivating. 

The single has received many radio plays and has been the subject of many positive reviews. Overall, “Put It All On Me” is an uplifting and sweet love song that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of many.


Ed Sheeran’s new single “Perfect” is a heartfelt ballad that captures the excitement, fear, and hope of young love. With its catchy melody and simple yet powerful lyrics, Sheeran masterfully encapsulates the emotions of falling in love. From the butterflies in the stomach to the late-night conversations, this song accurately portrays the experience of being in love. This song will become a timeless classic with its lighthearted and universal message.

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